The Role of Intellectual Property In Europe's Knowledge Economy
IP in the Fast Lane
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What is a trade mark? Why do I need one?
OHIM Launches DesignEuropa Awards Contest
@getitright Campaign Expands


About Ideas Matter

Ideas Matter is a consortium of cross-sector enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses and trade associations that aims to expand awareness and promote the benefits of intellectual property (IP). We firmly believe that ideas are important to the economy, important to society, important to companies both large and small.

IP: Not just for Christmas!
Date: 06/12/2016
With the holiday season now well under way and festive shopping ramping up both on the high-street and online, a new campaign has been launched to encourage consumers to avoid fakes when making their purchasing decisions.
The future of intellectual property (IP): Working smarter, not harder
Date: 01/12/2016
Innovation continues to speed up and diversify. The possibilities for encouraging and protecting innovation through various kinds of intellectual property (IP) are changing and expanding. So how are companies dealing with the increasingly urgent questions and decisions about how to use IP to stay competitive?
European registered designs and designers highlighted
Date: 23/11/2016
The best of Europe’s industrial and product designs, and the prolific Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro whose range of automobile designs from the Volkswagen Golf to the Delorean DMC-12 have earned him a lifetime achievement award, are being showcased in the upcoming EUIPO EuropaDesign awards, to be announced at the end of this month.
Europe promotes the ‘knowledge economy’ with the help of IP
Date: 17/11/2016
“We already live in the innovation economy where immaterial value creation is really important,” says Dr Nima Sanandaji, author of the new report ‘Immaterial Value Creation in Europe’. In Ideas Matters’ new video interview with Dr. Sandandji, he emphasises that “if you’re investing a lot of your efforts in creating some kind of intellectual property, there has to be protection.”
Actress, author, singer Carrie Hope Fletcher says @getitright
Date: 28/10/2016
The UK creative industry’s @getitright campaign, which encourages and helps consumers to get their films, music, TV, games, books, newspapers, magazines and sport from legitimate online sites, has got a boost this month from actress, author and singer Carrie Hope Fletcher.
IP-intensive industries deliver 38% of jobs, 42% of economic activity in Europe
Date: 27/10/2016
The second joint economic study carried out by the EU IP Office and the European Patent Office, released this week, has found that the contribution of intellectual property (IP) intensive sectors to Europe’s economies has increased in the past three years.