UK Prime Minister: ‘IP Matters’

By Allen Dixon, Director, Ideas Matter

British Prime Minister David Cameron this week emphasised the importance of intellectual property (IP) for innovators, creators and businesses.

‘The inventive spirit is hard-wired into us,’ Cameron said in a message to the Intellectual Property Awareness Network’s World IP Day meeting at the Houses of Parliament.  ‘Finding easier and better ways of living lives and doing business is at the heart of everything we do – and at the very heart of our economic success. That’s why it matters that UK businesses, inventors and creators benefit from a world class environment for creating and using IP.

Ideas Matter’s Director Allen Dixon participated in this event, which also heard about the importance of intellectual property from the Confederation of British Industry and other groups and companies, as well as from Peter Wishart MP (Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Intellectual Property), Mike Weatherley MP (IP advisor to the Prime Minister), and Viscount Younger of Leckie (Minister for Intellectual Property).

‘IP is moving from the edges of economic policy to centre stage,’ Viscount Younger told the gathered audience.  ‘IP encourages innovation, rewards creativity, and helps makes sure that Britain stays at the centre of the world’s knowledge economy.’

For further details, see the IP Awareness Network’s report on its World IP Day Event

Viscount Younger of Leckie: ‘IP is moving from the edges of economic policy to centre stage.’