Ideas Matter FAQ

What is Ideas Matter?

Ideas Matter is a consortium founded by Philips, Microsoft and DSM and started by a group of businesses, SMEs and trade associations to promote the benefits of intellectual property (IP). it is founded on the principle that IP is the bridge that connects innovation with economic growth, and has tremendous importance for people both in their work and in their everyday lives. IP is important to the economy, important to society, and important to companies (both large and small). In other words, Ideas Matter.

The aim of the group is to tell the stories of real individuals and businesses that have benefitted from IP, emphasizing the value that IP offers to companies, economies and society as a whole. Despite its growing importance as a business asset, the field of IP (patents, design rights, trademarks, and copyrights) remains a complex and often misunderstood topic.

How do companies benefit from IP?

IP helps grow the knowledge economy in Europe. Companies and industries that rely on IP are boosting today’s economies through creating jobs, increasing competitiveness and growing GDP, driving technical innovations and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

In addition, IP is often the starting point and cornerstone of growing businesses There is often a significant amount of financial investment needed to turn an idea into reality. This can be anything from conducting support research to building a working prototype. It makes strong IP crucial to protecting an idea and helping recoup the time and investment put towards its development.

Does anyone else benefit from IP?

IP helps address general issues such as reducing carbon emissions and energy consumption, making healthcare more effective and improving information and communication technologies. These areas will continue to be funded largely by private sector companies that are reliant on the IP system to protect their business assets.

If IP helps society, then shouldn’t it be free to everyone?

IP is recognition of somebody’s positive contribution to society. It rewards and incentivizes the positive work of people. Without this legal recognition, there would be no drive to continue to push boundaries and develop new things.

What different types of IP are there? What are they used for?

There are many different types of IP: patents, trademarks, design rights, copyrights among others. Trademarks are used to protect company branding, whereas patents are for specific inventions and design rights are used to protect the physical designs. Sectors such as books, films, broadcasting, music, photography and software are reliant on copyright which protects the expression of that type of content.

How can I and my company become part of Ideas Matter?

Feel free to drop us a line on and we will happily talk you through the membership options.