IP is an Important Factor for Top Technology Companies

By Ideas Matter

Patents issued, ratio of patent filings to patent grants, and lawsuits received claiming infringement of intellectual property rights, are among the list of important factors examined in a new report from Thomson Reuters evaluating leading companies in the technology industry.

The recent Thomson Reuters report naming their ‘Top 100 Global Technology Leaders’ reviewed public and proprietary information related to 28 different data points in eight categories to determine tech companies’ overall leadership.  “This methodology goes beyond the short term financial metrics to look at a wider sense of excellence based on all of the ways in which a company has impact,” Brian Ulicny, Director of Thomson Reuters Boston Innovation Lab (which developed the study methodology), told Ideas Matter.

The study examined a broad range of factors including innovation, legal compliance, risk and resilience, management and investor confidence, reputation, environmental impact, and people and social responsibility, as well as traditional financial performance indicators.

Intellectual property is cited as having an important role in tech companies’ leadership and being positively associated with tech companies’ success in several ways in the report. 

“Among other things, the protection of IP rights really shows how much a company is investing in research and development,” Alex Paladino, the Thomson Reuters Technology Practice Group’s Global Managing Director, told Ideas Matter.  The report reviews IP-related indicators as a part of its assessment of how innovative companies are and how well they are protecting their innovations, and also (with respect to litigation brought against the company) as part of the report’s evaluation of whether companies are living up to their regulatory requirements.

For further information, see the full report, summary and methodology here, and a video overview featuring Alex Paladino of Thompson Reuters here.